Resort Amenities

The Legend of French Lick Amenities


This basketball court has been featured in movies and commercials. Play in the day or night (upon request) and feel like a star! If basketball isn't for you, thats okay, we also have a tennis court.
Legend of French Lick Resort Basket Ball court
Legend of French Lick Basket Ball Court


The full-sized tennis court, lighted for night time play (upon request), is surrounded by a high fence, so you don’t have to waste time chasing those balls that bounce away. Serve and volley on this court before you head for the pool.
Legend of French Lick Resort Tennis Court
Legend of French Lick Resort Tennis Court

Swimming Pool

Splashdown in the large and deep, solar heated, kidney-shaped pool and enjoy the custom-designed patio area which will be one of your favorite spots at the Legend.
Legend of French Lick resort swimming pool
Legend of French Lick Resort Swimming Pool
Legend of French Lick Resort Cabana

Buffalo Trace Nature Trail 

The twenty-acre estate is well maintained and also features a half-mile Buffalo Trace nature trail. Take a leisurely walk and see a replication a prairie with switch grass, indian grass, big and little blue stem, and pyrethrum daisy seeds. Milk weed will also be planted to attract monarch butterflies as they migrate to Mexico. Native plant life and trees will be identified and described along the nature trail. You can also take a breather on our limestone benches that overlook the historic Buffalo Trace.

For years, buffalos would form "buffalo traces" by digging large mud holes in search for food as they roamed the lands on their nomadic journeys. The buffalo would come through French Lick and lick the salt deposits that rose up from the underground springs.

Due to recent heavy rainfall the completion of the Buffalo Trace Nature Trail is behind schedule, but should be completed soon. However, the Buffalo Trace prairie and native flowers will not be planted until the spring of 2016. 
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